If you do the right things adequately, that's much more important than doing the wrong things beautifully.

Randy Pausch, former Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Schedule free 30 minute assessment

How does this work?

  1. Schedule free 30 minute assessment.
  2. Confirm I can help and that you want me to. If we decide to work together, we move to the next step.*
  3. Schedule free 1 hour consultation by the end of the assessment.
  4. At the 1 hour consultation we explore pain points.
  5. If we decide to take action by the end of the consultation we
    • identify the right package,
    • create a plan with homework for both of us, and
    • schedule sessions.
  6. After the session(s) you will receive a customized maintenance plan based on our session(s), what we did, and what we put in place.

Toe Dip

for one 50 minute session

Knee Deep

for one 3 hour session

Waist High

for two 3 hour sessions

Head First

for four 3 hour sessions

Virtual or On-site

I can work virtually or on-site. When working virtually we will use videoconferencing software. When working on-site we can work together or separate, it is up to you.

When working on a physical space virtually we might be slowed by the constraints of technology but it can definitely work. Further, if working on-site, additional fees may apply depending on your location.

Physical & Digital

I can help in both your physical and digital spaces. When it comes to physical spaces there will inevitably be you would like to get rid of at which point they can be given to me to do with as I will, they can be sold or given away by you, donated to charity, or thrown away, the choice is yours.

*Not often, but sometimes, potential clients and I decide not to work with one another; no harm, no foul, and no hard feelings. If I think there's someone I know who might be better equipped, I will steer the potential client their way.