Triumph over Time

Since 2000 I found myself in positions of needing to get more done. I worked full-time while attending college full-time as a studio arts major, which I found much more difficult than any of my essay- and test-based courses, and was maintaining a relatively healthy social life. After graduating in 2007 I started freelancing with small businesses and found myself juggling multiple clients and trying to pay student loans. In 2010 I managed to achieve my vision of becoming obsolete to my clients. In 2011 I became a consultant at a project management company working with the US Federal Government.

When it came to self-help and productivity advice I had (and still have) a low tolerance for what one might refer to as "ivory tower" advice.

Over the years I have read, watched, and listened to various resources from well-known to "underground," individual to organizations, personal to "professional." Triumph over Time distills these resources into a concentrated reference with minimal anecdotes, platitudes, and frills focusing on pragmatic information I've seen work with myself and other to improve the experience of getting stuff done. Triumph over Time is not about "grinding" and working crazy hours but finding peace and flow within the work that unleashes your ability to honestly be more productivity with less expense.

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