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I differentiate software development from web development in the sense that all web development is software development but not all software development is web development. Web development is software development in a specific context, with contextual constraints.

Generally speaking, when I do develop software, I do it for the web. Further, I take a user down approach. (I never reach, “the metal”.) However, after poking around and looking I can say that, at a reasonable level of abstraction, developing software feels the same.

This site (2021 update)

Section titled This site (2021 update)

This site separates the application logic from the content, style, and interaction.

The site is open and available on GitHub. The content is also open and available; though I am reserving full copyright.

I will say, as with many of my creative endeavors this was kind of a reactionary thing. I keep hearing about low-code and no-code solutions and I would submit that it doesn’t take a lot of code to make something work these days.

As of this writing the code running this site weighs in at 34 kilobytes. To put that in perspective, I just took a photo with my iPhone 12 mini. No special settings; just the default settings. That picture is 2,000 kilobytes. Two pictures on my phone are over 100 times larger than the code I wrote that generates this site.

Now, to be fair, that doesn’t include the supporting players, if you will. The packages I also use to help out. Those way in at a total of 35,000 kilobytes. With that said, a fair amount of that isn’t actually user-facing.

34 kilobytes of code. That’s receiving the request. Determining how to respond to the request. Querying the local file system, if necessary for text content and file transfers. And rendering the HTML response.

I’d say that’s pretty “low-code.”

You can read more about the 2021 update over here.

November 5th update: I just realized JAMstack was a thing and I find it funny from the perspective that it’s kinda where we’re heading. Pretty sure this was originally the idea, precursor, or concept around server-less, which I admittedly didn’t pay too much attention to. I’m listening to an audiobook on the subject right now and they seem to be making some of the same arguments and points I’ve been making and brain-dumping here.

My history on the Internet started in 1998 and has never been able to truly hold my attention. I feel like once I hit a certain level of mastery, I’m kinda bored of it. It takes a lot for me to keep practicing in the plateau. With that said, I’ve never really wanted to be a software developer or engineer; I just like building things and projects like this site help me communicate to teams what’s going on in my head and what I’m seeing in the outside world.