My name is Josh Bruce (shocker).

I’ve been creating content online since 1998 on various platforms. In 2020 I felt my content had become spread all over the place and I’ve decided to consolidate it here.

Fair warning, I’m a multi-faceted being and will do my best to create logical separations and experiences for the various topics discussed.

With each site iteration I try and push myself related to design, experience, and content. The big push into discomfort for me this time is in the realm of finance with other content coming back to life in this new home as the mood strikes me.

I tend toward minimalism, which means I delete a lot more content than I keep. Until recently I didn’t know a good way to handle this when creating content. I’ve decided to go with three types of posts:

Entries created once and updated multiple times as information changes; the investment policy, for example. These minimize the number of redundant entries and ensure the information you receive is up to date based on current knowledge and experience.
Content ordered by date, each entry acting as a snapshot in time for a larger topic (a traditional blog); the building wealth paycheck to paycheck series, for example.
Similar to serialized content in that it represents a snapshot in time; however, it may not represent a long running topic to warrant more than one entry.

I hope you enjoy!


ps. Some content may be flagged for creation but not yet created or moved. This is where you, the reader, can help prioritize the order content gets created and moved by providing feedback and creating “pull” for the creation of that content.