Status of this list

The projects listed below represent those projects I, at one point, worked on; however, it should not be presumed that the version of the site in question is the version I worked on.

I will do my best to keep the list up to date and complete without becoming cluttered.

Unless otherwise specified, I did the majority of work related to the project including development, visual design, user experience, copywriting (if you find a typo, let me know).

8fold Pros

The corporate site for 8fold Productivity. Users can request products and services delivered by practitioners. Practitioners can create profiles, register course material, schedule training classes, and other functions related to their individual professional service practices.

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8fold Software

Site showcasing software developed by 8fold Practitioners.

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8fold UI

Documentation site illustrating and instructing designers and developers in the use packages developed by 8fold to aid in the creation of user interfaces for the web.

  • 8fold Web Assets: CSS, JavaScript images, fonts.
  • PHP UIKit: Simplified interfaces to rendering HTML components.
  • PHP HTML: Library for generating HTML elements based on the official HTML5 specification from the w3c.

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Time Journal

A time recording application for iOS developed and sold through 8fold. The first application provided by 8fold to help users improve their productivity and self-awareness. Version 1.0 was released in 2012 and has been updated when needed ever since.

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US Popclock

While working at Home Front Communications around 2012, the US Census Bureau wanted to modernize their population clock using APIs to retrieve the data and a more visual dyanamic user interface. This effort had a lot of challenges that needed to be overcome, but it turned out pretty well and I learned a lot.

I only did the development, with some consultation on user experience and API development.

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Cuban Missile Crisis

A site I developed while working at Home Front Communications in 2012. The site uses a two pane parallax scrolling behavior taking users through a journey down a missile silo while being able to pause and take in information related to the Cuban Missile Crisis and its 50 year anniversary.

I only did the development, with some minor consultation on user experience.

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Home Front

I worked at Home Front Communications in 2012. At one point they wanted to update their corporate website using customized WordPress theme. This resulted in a dynamic single page site that needed to be optimized as much as possible given the number of images and other interactions required.

I only did the development, with some minor consultation on user experience.

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The Y of Princeton, NJ

The designer for the Y of Princeton, New Jersey reached out and asked me to develop a front and back-end solution for them. It was a very interesting design and I tried to use as little markup as possible to make it work. The vertical text graphics can also be set by the content management system. They can create any pages they would like. They can move pages around, which will set a redirect so users don't get abandoned. (Arround 2011 I was asked update the design to fit with the rebranding of the Y.)

I only did the development, with some consultation on user experience.

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EHRS of UPenn

This is a mouthful…The Office of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2005 I was asked to convert a 1500+ static website into a database driven website that the department would maintain, for the most part, by themselves. They can control page-level access, redirect users, move pages, and so on.

I only did the development.

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