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I tend to favor publishing ebooks, which may be updated on occasion; buy once, keep forever. Once a print version is made available, however, the book will be considered a first edition and no content changes will be made, unless a new edition is published. I’m still working through how this works for audiobook versions; how much like an ebook are they?

Triumph over Time

Section titled Triumph over Time

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Stephen Covey described four generations of time (and possibly life) management. I see a fifth enveloping the first four; in the same way successive generations enveloped the ones before. The fifth generation solidifies and firmly plants the concepts of flow, agility, purpose, and by extension, mindfulness into self-management.

Triumph over Time helps usher in the fifth generation without emphasizing a specific approach or vantage, which is in keeping with the fifth generation itself.

Homeless not Hopeless (unpublished)

Section titled Homeless not Hopeless (unpublished)

I spent most of 2010 living in my car.

It was not by choice.

It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

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