September 15th, 2021 paycheck



For the 401k I took the 19,500 USD I can make in a year and subtracted my contributions so far. I divided that difference by how many paychecks I think I’ll get before the end of the year. That should give me a rough, per paycheck, amount. The 25 percent I had last time was too high, so, I reduced it to 20 percent this time (still too high but closer). (Oddly enough my net pay was the same despite my contribution being almost 200 USD less.)

I should get to experience what it’s like to have short-term capital gains to report because of the selling of the individual stocks I made the other day.

I’m also planning to sell the municipal bond fund and end up with short-term capital losses. Im hoping here because this is a mutual fund and I’m not sure how that side of it works. My understanding with funds is that I could wind up with realized gains and losses even if I don’t sell anything. We shall find out.

My hope overall is that the capital gains from selling the stocks will be somewhat offset by the capital losses from selling the municipal bonds. Either way, the gains are less than 40,400 USD and would fall in the zero tax bracket there. Making the “big” adjustments early is cheaper when the balance is lower.

I did receive a letter from the IRS confirming they received the packet of documentation I sent them. Still waiting for resolution. Hoping it’s that I won’t owe more taxes and fees. Also hoping I can get a lot of this cash invested sooner rather than later.

My new gig is feeling pretty stable and they seem to like me. So, I’ll probably run a bit leaner on the cash side once the IRS thing is cleared up.

Other than that, not a lot to report.