November 15th, 2022 paycheck


For a while I was experiencing a bug with Vanguard. In short, the percentages were stuck. For example, the Traditional IRA showed down almost 50 percent, despite the account being positive. Each account and the aggregate had problems.

It seems the issue was fixed.

Overall, the combined total value of the Vanguard accounts is down around 6 percent. Down 10 for the taxable, up 40 for the Traditional IRA, and down 14 for the Roth IRA.

The Main Pie at M1 Finance still shows down around 30 percent.

Again, I think this demonstrates what we hope to see when you’re able to keep contributing.

This was an interesting go with investing. For the most part, the market closed on up notes, with the 15, 35, 50 divided among fractional shares, 2 cents over the previous close, and 1 percent down from the previous close. On the first 3 days of trading usually only one order would execute. On day 4, however, all three executed, which means more shares and still around the same price because the fluctuations weren’t that crazy day-to-day.

I’m considering this another confirmation of this approach for both psychological and practical purposes.

401k rollover

Section titled 401k rollover

Definitely feeling good about the decisions here. This section probably won’t be here moving forward.

During this paycheck the value of the Traditional IRA hit the same value as the peak value when the money was in the 401k.

Closing M1 Finance

Section titled Closing M1 Finance

I’m still trying to reach a tighter balance at the fund level before actively contributing here.

Update on the dip

Section titled Update on the dip

No extra cash going toward the dip.