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This area of the site describes the concept of my personal site more than the literal domain name. is not the oldest self-branded site I own—that would be (it will redirect here eventually as I work on building out the art site of a different name). The Wayback Machine only has the site as far back as 2006; however, I believe I purchased it back in 2001. 2006 was just the first time in my history on the web I used HTML to build it.

A few years into my history doing web design and development I started adopting what I called mentors-at-a-distance. These were people I appreciated in the industry that I didn’t think I could ever get close enough to and have an actual conversation. One of them described their personal site as a place to experiment and try things that clients may not want to try themselves. That’s how I operate this site.

Actually, it’s kinda how I operate my life.

I don’t think it will ever be flashy, as it were—I’m not the flashy person. Instead, most of the things that will make this space unique will be under the surface. So, on the surface it will most likely look and feel pretty plain and ordinary, meanwhile, under the surface, there will be something different. Whether it’s the stats or the code, I don’t know.

I will do what I can to keep a running log of significant changes and thoughts, detailed in the posts listed below:


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