July 1st, 2021 paycheck



I increased the contribution to my 401(k) by 2 percent; 17 percent for this paycheck.

The 401(k) change increases how much money goes toward small- and mid-cap US stocks to continue balancing the portfolio in keeping with the investment policy. I’ve also reached the savings goal for the desktop computer purchase and have reduced how much I’ll be sending that way every paycheck, which means I should be able to achieve that 1,271 USD to investment accounts every paycheck. With that said, if I put all of it into the total stock market index fund, I will most likely be throwing the balance of the portfolio off even more.

The regular 150 USD is going toward the HSA (have not transferred out of HealthSavings yet as I’m hoping not to lose money in the transaction). I moved a little over 100 USD to the M1 Finance pie; purchasing a little of the Brand slice and the Future Earth slice directly (Future Earth is focused on small- and mid-cap US equities). The rest went to the total stock market.

The hope is that by the end of 2021 I’ll be able to achieve the desired portfolio balance without selling any positions. I should also have a better idea on percentages to go to the various places on a paycheck by paycheck basis; still dialing in.

This is the paycheck in which I should have done the redistribution from the Profit account. Having done it in June, I won’t do it this time.