August 15th, 2021 paycheck



Now I’m not so sure I’ve got the maximum per paycheck contribution to my 401(k). My paycheck this time was less than last time, which was unexpected.

I’m also thinking I should cut back on some of the investing for a moment because I received a letter from the IRS stating I owed taxes and penalties due to under reporting my income. The short version is I was the beneficiary on an annuity and the owner passed away. I received around 20,000 USD, which I used to pay off some of my student loans. I did not report this and neglected to include the letter stating the funds weren’t taxable.

So, until that’s cleared up, I want to reserve more cash in case I do owe some sort of fees related to that. Once that’s cleared up and if I still have some money remaining, I’ll probably do a lump sum purchase.


Section titled Update

Nope. Haven’t hit the maximum for my per paycheck contributions to the 401(k). With that said, I’ve done rough calculations and, if I leave it where it is until the end of the year, I will contribute the maximum per year.

Further, the stock market seems to be taking a beating again in the middle of the month, which seems pretty par for the course. Of course, by taking a beating, it’s still up from where I started, which is the real goal. I’m hoping to lose as little as possible in the beginning and let the two primary funds compound as much as possible from dividends and contributions.

Overall the portfolio seems to be rebalancing pretty well. I’m considering adding another line to the table for alternatives. It would primarily be for when I reach drawdown and would be starting at 0 percent given I’m still in hardcore accumulation status until at least the first Coast FI number is reached.