August 1st, 2021 paycheck



This is another awkward paycheck because it will actually be two. One on the sixteenth and another on the thirtieth.

Paycheck from the 16th

Section titled Paycheck from the 16th

I increased the 401(k) contribution to 20 percent. Still hoping to hit the maximum contribution limit for the year. A secondary benefit is that it should concentrate my contributions to small- and mid-cap equities. Because I’ve practically hit my contribution limit to my Roth IRA for 2021, which means there’s 250 USD every paycheck that can go somewhere else. The total US equities fund is weighted toward large-cap; so, redirecting the 250 USD there won’t help reach the desired portfolio balance as quickly as increasing 401(k) contributions.

I cancelled the indemnity insurance I was trying out, which reduces per paycheck expenses by about 150 USD.

I found 20 USD on the ground and got a check from a doctor visit I had already paid for. Not sure why but my health insurance covered it.

Paycheck from the 30th

Section titled Paycheck from the 30th

I increased the 401(k) contribution to 25 percent. Still hoping to hit the maximum contribution limit for the year. The deposit didn’t land before the first, so, the numbers don’t reflect that and I’m actually not sure it increased because the amount of my deposit was the same as last time. Could be a maximum percent or I didn’t get the adjustment done in time.

Not feeling stable at my employer right now. They’re looking for another contract for me, which I appreciate. I’m also looking outside as well. Because of this instability I’m holding a bit more cash than I think is necessary right now.

The extended total market fund price dropped dramatically. I had cash inside my M1 Finance pie and bought in at the lower price. It was the lowest price I was able to purchase it for. I don’t intend to time the market ever but I have to admit it was kind of fun. I put cash back into M1 Finance and have it waiting there for my next paycheck.

I have the Mac mini now, which means the television will get used a bit more, luckily the price of what I consider nicer TVs has dropped dramatically, so, if this one doesn’t last longer than a decade it shouldn’t be that big of a hit to replace. I’m also appreciating the potential it brings.

My mailbox rules finished syncing with iCloud and I am appreciating a pre-sorted iOS inbox. I also appreciate not having to plug in my laptop and take up desktop space with the laptop. The improved cable management is also a nice addition. I am curious how this could affect things like laptop longevity.