May 15th, 2022 paycheck


Sold more of the large-cap in the 401k to purchase more of the mid-cap. The current values for all three funds seem close enough to say that rebalancing is complete. After this paycheck I’m going to shift to a more even distribution across all three funds for future contributions.

I didn’t put money into savings this time. The total US stock market fund is down 15 percent, so, I took the 15 percent plus what I’d normally invest and bought more shares; per my personal budget for buying a dip. (Seven days later, I did put in 19 percent of the savings balance toward the total stock market fund; also in keeping with the personal budget.)

The portfolio balance, based on individual funds (not the same as allocations used for the list above), is in balance. Need more total market and less extended market to get closer to the targets; the middle point between the guardrails. Once that happens, we can take a look at the Personal Capital grid and start shifting things; if I don’t go in to the new fund a bit early.

Right now the grid is about the same as the previous paycheck. A bit heavy on growth, and will likely stay that way by the time I get where I want to be with the percentage-based allocations for individual funds. So, June or July I’ll decide whether to introduce the multi-factor fund.

I’ve never bought an ETF through Vanguard. Further, Vanguard doesn’t allow partial shares. Finally, Fidelity does allow partial shares and the ability to purchase non-Fidelity funds commission free. Therefore, I’m debating on going through Fidelity for the multi-factor fund; however, I’m also considering going through Vanguard.

Going through Vanguard would mean I need to purchase full shares of the ETF. ETFs tend to carry some tax advantages over mutual funds because the realized gains and losses will be tied directly to my buying and selling. I’m debating on converting the mutual funds to a blend of ETFs and mutual funds for the same general holding.

Rough ride

Section titled Rough ride

This is an interesting time, the bumpiest for me so far.

The extended market funds have dropped 30 percent from their 52 week highs, so, no more shoveling that direction.

The total small-cap and non-US real estate has almost had the same level of drop.

I have rebalancing tokens for all the asset allocations except the Mark 0 mix in my investment policy. We’ll see what July brings.

With that said, overall, 2022 is still looking more like a plateau than a dip for me. And, even with that observation, the net worth of my portfolio is less than my capital investment in it. Such is the way of things.

Odd place

Section titled Odd place

Definitely feeling better.

I’ve actually had more recruiters and leads than ever. It’s quite a strange and interesting feeling.

I’m also feeling like the relationship rotation thing is working out.

I’ve modified my weekly review a bit. Before I had a calendar event set up as the tickler. I’d open the event and translate the content to my actions list. Now I’m using the Reminders app and seeing how that goes; think I’ll always have a notebook as well though.

When I was in graduate school for secondary education I had to get observation hours by going to schools and, well, observing classes. One school I went to almost didn’t let me come back because I used my phone for note taking and whatnot. The perception was I was playing games or sending text messages; not what I was actually doing. This was around 2010 though, so, not sure the stigma is still there. However, handwriting is faster for me compared to data entry on my phone.

So, if it’s something that must be done on a certain date, it goes on the calendar. If it’s a recurring, tickler type thing, it goes in the Reminders app. Everything else will most likely be in a notebook somewhere.


Section titled Surgery

Got hit with appendicitis the other day; that sucked.

I ate breakfast as usual. Then within an hour, my abdomen started hurting. I vomited, a lot; couldn’t even hold down water. Called my doctor.

Screening over the phone he said: Think you just bought yourself a visit to the emergency room.

He told me which hospital to go to. (He even told me if Becca couldn’t take me he could because his calendar was open; he’s great. Becca bailed on work and we went.

Checked in with the emergency desk. Then waited about 30 minutes before getting my first round of vitals done. The nurse apologized for the wait. I said: No worries, triage sucks. She said: This isn’t even triage, it’s greeting.

Another 30 minutes or so and I gave blood and urine.

Then, five hours from the time we got there, I got checked in. Then, 7 hours from the time we got there (about 10 pm), we were taken to get scanned and whatnot. By this point the pain had started to subside.

Around midnight I was diagnosed with appendicitis and admitted.

Tried to sleep, but it was sparse. Becca was able to stay the whole time. In the morning I was told I’d go to surgery that day.

I scrubbed down as per the instructions from the doctors and nurses. It was a typical big hospital experience from the interactions piece; short visits, nurses more than doctors, and I met the surgeon and anesthesiologist separately for about five minutes before going under the knife.

Went in. Went to sleep. Woke up nauseated as fuck.

Before surgery they had me on so much shit it was unreal. I don’t do drugs; to the point of avoiding aspirin. My resting heart rate is from 50 to 60 beats per minute; everyone found that interesting. I mentioned that I’m pretty chill and probably wouldn’t need all of that “calm you down stuff” before being put under, but we went with all the drugs ever.

When I got back to my room, I sat up and asked Becca to bring me something to vomit in. Mostly liquid but still.

Stayed sitting for a bit, then stood. In less than an hour my nurse escort and I walked to the window nearest my room. About 30 minutes later I asked for assistance again to walk the full length of the hallway. Shortly after that, we checked out.

They brought a wheelchair out to take me to the car. I asked if I could just walk; I wanted as much of that shit out of my system as soon as possible and I didn’t think sitting would help achieve that.

Got in the car, Becca drove us home. (And nursed me back to normal—she’s awesome.)

Ordered some bland food that’d be easy to digest. Popped an ibuprofen and went bed.

It was hard to find a comfortable position; stomach and back are pretty much it. There are three small holes in my abdomen. One just above the belly button, another just above my crotch, and the last is on the left side. The one on the left side is the painful one. If I lie on either side it either stretches or gets crushed; both of which are painful.

With that said, I don’t have the appendix pain anymore nor do I feel it in my back. Basically we’re down to one point of pain; same level, different side—balance is restored.

Given how much I’m billed on an hourly basis, I made the joke: I wonder if they’ll let me charge back my hourly rate against the cost of my bill.

My hope is that billing me didn’t start until I was actually through the doors from the waiting area to the actual hospital.

So, going to be slowing my investments down a bit while I wait for the bills.

Saturday update (day 5; day 3 since surgery): I debated not taking an ibuprofen tonight. They gave me stronger and I haven’t touched it.

FI experiments

Section titled FI experiments

Details are in the January 15th, 2022 paycheck.

The hypothesis is when the Mark 0.0 mix is down, it’ll be down more than the others. Further, when the Mark 0.0 is up, the others will be up and not too far behind the Mark 0.0. We will track the change since the previous paycheck as well as the change since we started tracking January 2022.