December 15th, 2022 paycheck


This is an odd paycheck because I actually got paid on the second of December.

The next paycheck will be two though.

The first set of orders was the two cents over, 1 percent down, and 2 percent down for the multi-factor fund; only 1 executed. The second set of orders was the market, two cents over, and 1 percent down; all 3 orders executed. Appreciating this approach.

Updates to accounts

Section titled Updates to accounts

I split my savings account at my primary credit union to be a regular savings account and a money market account.

The regular savings earns over 5 percent on the first 500 USD. The remaining is at the regular savings rate. So, as the balance increases, the actual rate goes down from the 5 percent. The last time it earned dividends, the rate was less than the money market account.

As Federal Reserve rates increase, the rates on money market accounts increased as well.