May 1st, 2023 paycheck


Pretty uneventful on the money front. Did the regular, automatic distributions to the various accounts:

  1. savings,
  2. HSA,
  3. 401k,
  4. tax,
  5. et cetera.

Had enough left to make 3 limit orders to the taxable account. One executed. Didn’t have enough after that to make more trades.

Part of me was disappointed that I couldn’t make more trades. Another part of me was pretty pleased because not being able to do more trades contributed to me hitting the target 6 percent cash and staying there.

More kudos to the current method.

Health and wellness

Section titled Health and wellness

Meanwhile, on the health front I’m getting pretty pissed off at my body and the medical profession.

I decided to do a few inverted rows every day for a week. By the end of the week I was so messed up I went to the clinic and they put me on steroids and muscle relaxers.

I don’t think I can explain it well.

In general, my muscles are like gelatin. Wobbly, chill, and pliable. By the time my back was its worse:

So, I’ve modified my language and goals again:

I’d like to be able to do one regular pushup, one inverted row, and one air squat every day without pain or being relatively immobilized for a week afterward.

In communication with my doctor I also said:

All of this is new for me, given my history is no pain or drastic illness for 20 or 30 years straight; very disconcerting, and I’m not sure if I should push or pause.

Am I just de-conditioned? Or is there a medical issue, and pushing will make it worse? Or is 40 really that bad, and I should reconsider my future despite hereditary evidence?

I’ve started considering psoriasis with possible psoriatic arthritis. The symptoms for psoriasis seem to cover more ground than gout alone. Not to say it can’t be both.

I don’t get sick. Physically I’ve never been particularly hard or soft on myself. And I’ve seen more doctors in the past 2 years than I have in my entire life.