May 15th, 2023 paycheck


The small-cap value was down. I made three limit orders. None of them were executed.

The fund was up. I placed a market order and two limit orders. One executed.

I realized I didn’t place the correct orders. The small-cap value fund was down (despite the others being slightly up). So, I placed three more limit orders using the correct price. I also placed a market order for the small-cap value fund in the Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts.

All but 1 order was executed.

The small-cap value fund closed down the previous day, and I still had enough to place 3 more orders. If they all execute, it should bring my short-term assets to around 6 percent, given current market prices; I still appreciate the holistic approach to portfolio construction—not entirely sure about some of the details, but the inclusion of cash as a short-term asset, and the buying method is proving quite solid.

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