December 1st, 2021 paycheck


Waiting on the IRS. Going to do what I can to participate in this latest dip in the market despite still waiting. I should probably check again when the 90 days is up, believe it was toward the end of the year, just not sure how close to the end.

This is one of those weird paychecks as well where I got paid pretty early compared to the first of the month, which means I’ll actually get paid tomorrow and that’s for the 15th paycheck.

I’m appreciating it looks like the balances are heading toward being within the bands established though.

With this latest dip in the market I’ve been watching the experimental portfolios I created as well. These are portfolios I put together to act as a proxy for easing in from 100 percent equities into a risk parity style portfolio. Yesterday when I looked the 100 percent equities was down in the neighborhood of 5 percent, meanwhile the risk parity was only down 1 percent.

What I appreciate about this 5 mini-portfolio setup is how it’s helping instill confidence to continue doing what I’m planning. I put about 30 USD into each and haven’t put another dollar in. I just watch them go up and down and pay attention to the spread in the difference. It’s effectively a control group.

This site

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Mainly I’ve been working on this site, to be honest. It’s been an interesting exercise and experience. I’m appreciating this evolution given my history on the web. But, that’s for a different section of the site.