December 15th, 2021 paycheck


This one is going to be a bit odd from a numbers perspective. I was paid again on the seventeenth before I published this article. December is a three check month for me.

So, the cash includes a paycheck that technically wasn’t there on the fifteenth. However, it shouldn’t cause too much of a problem I don’t think.

The 90 days for the IRS was up on the eighth. That includes weekends though, so, I’m giving it a few more days until I call to check status and confirm the all clear.

Transferring my HSA has been finished yet. Will be calling them regarding that.

About to hit the maximum on 401k contributions. Need to email my employer to confirm what happens then.

Beyond that, pretty boring and the FI portfolios are proving themselves out as it relates to the risk parity portfolio concept. The 100 percent equities portfolio shows down roughly 3 percent while the risk parity should down only a little over 1 percent. I think I will start doing paycheck-to-paycheck comparisons similar to what Frank Vasquez does with the portfolios on Risk Parity Radio. I think it would be a better way for comparison and tracking over time; especially since I did the contribution accidentally the other day and started two of them after all the others. I can’t tell if the others are actually doing better, or if it’s just because they haven’t been around as long.

So, yeah, pretty boring.